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Frequently Asked Questions
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How many Lodges are there at Fin & Feather Adventures (FFA)?

Nine Lodges--  The Main Blue Marlin Lodge is the focal point at FFA. Its’ capacity is 10 and is the location for both breakfast & dinner meals.

Just behind the lodge is the covered pavilion & outdoor kitchen area which includes BBQ Pits, deep frying & boiling equipment, lounge chairs; as well as a ping pong table for your enjoyment.  FFA can accommodate a total capacity of 50 people / night.

Are your Lodges smoke-free?

Yes entirely.  Smoking is allowed outdoors only.

What kind of fish will I catch with you or your guides?

Redfish, Spotted Seatrout(Specks), Flounder, Black Drum are the main inshore saltwater species that can be caught in the backwater marshes and bays of the lower Mississippi River Delta.

What do I need to bring for fishing?

Pack gear for all weather/seasonal situations, which includes raingear. Also pack sunscreen, sunglasses, bug repellant, and coolers- if you choose to take fish home.  Also bring a camera if you plan to take pictures.

What kind of boats will we fish from?

Our fleet is comprised of 22 & 24 ft. bay boats. They are fiberglass construction and quality brand boats including Mako, BlackJack, BlueWave, Blazer Bay, and Skeeter powered by reliable Mercury and Yamaha outboard engines.

What’s included in the all-inclusive pricing?

The all-inclusive pricing covers your guided activity (fishing, hunting or blast & cast), lodge accommodations, all meals, as well as all fish cleaning and packaging.  Also, the guides will provide you with bottled water, soft drinks, electrolyte replacement drinks, chips and snacks to go along with your sandwich, while on the water.

What’s not included in the inclusive pricing?

All hotel taxes, guide & house gratuities, as well as state & federal licensing (as it applies for each activity).  No alcoholic beverages are included, but you are welcome to bring whatever you would like to consume, at the Lodge or on the water. So if you have specific snack food or other beverage wants, please bring or purchase them before driving down to the Lodge.

Do you require a deposit to make a reservation?

Yes, by calling the FFA business office at (504)451-8072, you can make a deposit with a credit card over the phone, or by sending a check.

What constitutes a full-day of fishing?

Our full-day of fishing is 6-8 hours on the water.

Will I have to clean my own catch?

No indeed.  Your guide will clean your fish or ducks at no additional charge. 

Can you request specific rooms or lodges?

Yes, you can request a favorite room or a certain lodge in advance--as long as no one else has made a prior request for the same space. It’s based on availability.

How long has FFA been in business?

Since 2002, but Kirk has been on the area waters for over 40 years. We annually average over 3,000 anglers & hunters from over 30 states and several countries.

Does FFA do “business-related” or corporate style groups?

About 1/3 of our business is corporate or business related. We can design your trip to fit around business meetings, special menus, etc. to make your adventure special. Be sure to work with FFA business office /management anytime from booking to arrival so that we are properly prepared to take care of you.

How many fishing guides work with FFA?

A total of 13 guides.  The FFA guides are independent contractors and thus responsible for maintaining all of their equipment up to FFA standards. This includes their boat, motor, accessories and tackle.  ALL FFA guides are USCG Licensed Captains!  We Don’t Take Chances--“Your Safety is our #1 Priority”.

I know the guide supplies all of the rods & tackle, but can I bring my own gear?

You are more than welcome to bring your own gear. Make every effort to use similar size equipment that our guides use in order to provide you with the best opportunity for success. We recommend medium baitcasting & spinning rod & reels combinations, lined with 15-30 lb. braided line. Some choose to tie on mono-leaders in the 20-30 lb. class. The guides will have what produces the best for them every day, whether it be artificial or bait.

Is live bait included in the charter?

All of our guides are outfitted with hard & soft plastic artificial lures, as well as dead shrimp, if available. When available, you can request live shrimp in advance of arrival. The guide purchases it and passes along that expense to you directly.

What is an accepted guide gratuity?

Tips are not mandatory, but the average daily gratuity is around $100.00 for the boat/day.

What licensing is needed for fishing?

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries provides you a special license when a licensed charter captain accompanies you. This is a resident or non-resident license that can be purchased in advance online at http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/licenses/fishing and order the 3-Day Charter Passenger license for $ 10.00. Be sure to specify your first day of fishing as your start-date.

What licensing is needed for hunting?

It all depends on your residency status. Everyone needs a current-season federal duck stamp, as well as the federal Hunter Information Program (HIP). Resident hunters need to purchase a basic hunt license & a Louisiana duck stamp. Non-resident hunters need to purchase a non-resident migratory bird/small game daily license for each day of hunting. Any hunting licensing can be purchased at http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/licenses/hunting-licenses.

Do you sell shotgun shells for duck hunting?

Yes, if we have inventory at that point in time. Please check with us prior to your trip to see if we have specifically what you want.

Do you make allowances for special dietary needs?

Yes, just let us know in advance so we can get what is needed. Also, if you have someone in the group that has a specific food allergy (for example – to fish or shellfish), please advise us of this situation well before you arrive, so we can make proper arrangements.

Do you mix groups in lodging situations?

Absolutely not.  Only Fin & Feather Lodges are designed with privacy in mind, and at no time will you be sharing a room with someone not within your group. Lodging at Fin & Feather Adventures is truly unique and no other area lodge can offer you this individual and private style accommodations.

Is there an up-charge for a private room?

You may request a private room at the time of booking and we will make every effort to make that happen. If we have a high occupancy during your stay, it is difficult to do so. If we are able to provide you a private room, there will be an up-charge that will be a minimum of $100.00 / night, with higher up-charges during peak-occupancy timeframes.

Are there special rates for children?

We have a per-person rate unless other arrangements are made with the FFA business office or management.

Can you request specific guides?

Yes, you can request a specific guide(s) for a future adventure. Once a reservation & a guide request is made, we go directly to that guide to identify his availability and lock him in for your trip. If another group has made a prior request for the same guide, then that guide is not available for your trip. Your best chance of retaining your requested guide is to let us know at the time of your initial booking.

What are the bag limits?

Redfish – slot limit 16-27 inches, bag limit 5 (1 of the 5 can be over 27 inches).
Spotted Seatrout – minimum length 12 inches, bag limit 25.
Flounder – no size limit, bag limit 10.
Black Drum — slot limit 16-27 inches, bag limit 5 (1 of 5 can be over 27 inches).

How many people do you fish per boat?

You can fish between 1-4 people per boat. However, when fishing 4 people, it could diminish the overall fishing experience for the group. We recommend 2-3 people per boat.

Can I fly fish at FFA?

Yes, we recommend a maximum of 2 anglers, sharing bow-time.  At the time of booking, please specify that you are fly fishing or management.

Can you request specific guides?

Yes, you can request a specific guide(s) for a future adventure. Once a reservation & a guide request is made, we go directly to that guide to identify his availability and lock him in for your trip. If another group has made a prior request for the same guide, then that guide is not available for your trip. Your best chance of retaining your requested guide is to let us know at the time of your initial booking.

When are the fishing & hunting seasons?

Fishing is a year-round activity here. Teal Season is in September and big duck season is November, December & January (actual dates are announced 2-3 months prior to the beginning of each hunting season).

When is check-in time?

3:00 P.M.-- however if you arrive early in the day, depending on other groups, availability, cleanings, maids, etc.-- you may or may not be able to check in sooner.  Check with business office/management regarding check-in details.

When is check-out time?

12-Noon for clients renting cabins on their own.  Otherwise, if you are on an FFA adventure, check-out would be after returning from fishing your last day. Any late check-out is required to be pre-approved by the FFA business office/management!!!

Is there wireless internet available?


If any of my guests do not want to fish or hunt, will they be comfortable at the lodge?

Absolutely! There are a number of options, whether it’s finding a quiet corner of the Lodge in a comfy chair or couch to read a book, relax outside on the back patio, or the gameroom, or pavilion area, FFA is all about your comfort & pleasurable experience during your stay with us!

What are the nearest commercial & private airports?

Commercial – Louis Armstrong International (MSY), 1-½ hour drive to/from FFA.
2 private airports includes Lakefront (NEW) 1 hour, 20 minute drive to/from FFA, and Southern Seaplane (65LA), 60 minute drive to/from FFA.

Do you have any type of transportation arrangements if I don’t want to get a rental car?

Several customers have used A REGAL LIMOUSINE SERVICE in the past, and they have a broad selection of vehicles for just about every group size. More information can be found at www.aregallimo.com and can be reached at (504) 712-5466.

How do I get my fish home?

We do not a have shipping service, however we recommend that you contact the specific airline your flying with and find out their guidelines and policies on transporting your catch back home.  Most airlines do not allow ice, nor dry ice inside your cooler, inside their airplane. However, pre-manufactured freezer packs are allowed.

If you prefer to have your catch shipped to your doorstep, we recommend Xpress Pak N Ship in Belle Chasse.  Their information is as follows: 

Xpress Pak N Ship, 1906 Engineers Road, Belle Chasse, LA., 70037, (504) 365-0862. Contact them for further information and pricing.

If you are driving, just remember to bring your cooler(s) in order to manage your catch back home.